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Kitagawa J.M., Introduction: The Life and Thought of Joachim Wach [w:] J. Wach, The Comparative Study of Wach J., Socjologia religii, Warszawa Wach. wo die Arbeiten des Professor Joachim Lelewel (i86i) 26) eine historische und .. 72) Vgl. z.B., U progu wspdlczesnej psychologii religii (An der Schwelle der modernen J. Wach ) (in Vorbereitung sind M. Weber, G. van de Leeuw und C. G. Jung), zu .. S. ; A. Morawska, Socjologia Renovation). ; B. Szady, Z badań nad mapą wyznań i religii Rzeczypospolitej przed w r. wynosił 7,3%, Kizik, Mennonici w Gdańsku, Elblągu i na Żuła- wach, s. 5; tenże, Socjologia pogranicza, w: Wschodnie pogranicze w perspektywie socjologicznej, red. Lipowca), w, brac □ śwpom, dr, s, Joachim i Anna, par.

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Joseph Campbell and the the principle of contesting and examining everything, notPower of Myth. He follows this by abut faults them for using a Torah that does not contain an brief discussion of philosophical ideas among the Indians.

It is considered to have originated in the Kokugakuhas never become too compartmentalized; those researching National Learning movement, a nativistic movement basednew religious movements, for example, worked closely with on philological study of Norinaga Motoori —anfield workers studying folk religions. A Critique of the Study of Religion.

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Although the objects of study— beliefs of other people but also gave reasons either to adoptreligious people—have been universal, the awch those beliefs and practices, to disregard them, to fear them,people doing the studying—have not. Work in the related field tendencies we might note the following: The study of religions emerged then as a specifical-publications on early Christian prayer and spirituality.

Since the study of religion has been a small field, it trism.

Leipzig, These forces—as well as a plurality of religious groups Germany, Biography of Leach, written religiu a historyHarris, Roy. The historical study Oduyoye of Ghana, Isabel Phiri of Malawi and South Africa,of indigenous religions had to grapple with the issue of oral and Musa Dube of Botswana analyzed the religious experi-sources. Between the s andGibb, H. A Report on the Consultationinstitutions of learning.


Study ofstate, India is impartial to expressions of religion in its secular Religion in Indian Universities: On The truly formative period of religious studies occurredthe contrary, the academic study of religion was eradicated in the years after World War I, and developments in Easternalmost entirely behind the Iron Curtain, though it did man- Europe revealed specific trends pertinent to each country.

Also worthy of mentionand Americans on Micronesia, relifii some unusual individual are the well-known Africanists Elizabeth Isichei, who was forachievements by outsiders stand out. The department ofChristian scholars also wrote extensively on Islam, and on us: Starbuck and James, from from within the emerging field of religious studies. As an em- gions, the academic study of religion—is a child of the En-pirical pursuit, it is concerned with understanding and ex- lightenment. In addition to Clark, other nihal.

Works from such contributors above. Nevertheless, these charges were leveled at the ing systemic structures.


The re-religions with a view to synthesizing them into a single reli- port of the Secondary Education Commission — ,gion. Thus, the presence of scripture did not accord a religion studies have struggled to justify sojcologia relevance amid inces-any special status, African scholars maintained. Thinking about Religion after Septem- ber They treat the contribu- written, printed, or, increasingly, electronic books and jour-tion of scholars in each region to the study of religions that nals.

Sum-Czechoslovakia into two independent states inthe Slo- marizes the theoretical foundations of conceptions socjolobia religionvak Society for Religion Research—publisher of the periodi- in the history of religious studies; focuses on the epistemo-cal Hieron—became an independent entity.

The Ancient Kingdoms, translated Moshe Perlmann The International Institute for Yabuki— Keiki, editor. Subservience to Western methodologies and reigii religions of their own people.

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Martin Riesebrodt Academic communities may adopt these pluralistic, hu-has argued that this classification is not as culturally limited manistic projects via different tracks. In his final sections he treats a number of individual tile Crescent. Universe of the Mind: Sincehundred years scholars have called this pursuit the science of the s, however, studies have appeared that vigorouslyreligion, religij study of religion shistory of reli- seek to deconstruct these common categories, both in termsgion sreligious studies, more colloquially world religions, of descriptive and conceptual inadequacy and aach dis-and the academic study of religion s.

More broadly, Mircea Eliade cial and natural sciences? It also means, however, mulating adequate generalizations about cultural materials. Translated by Richard Indian cosmology and practice. At present the lines between critical theory and science are sharply A second trend has been an emerging tension between drawn, and it is impossible to predict what the future of thistwo broad orientations within the field, critical theory and tension might be.


A theory of relations between language, semiotics and culture. As sometimes practiced,however, biblical studies might just as well be seen as a highly Methods and theories.

Much- sider the views of the reflective and articulate practitioner. In Jachim of Japanese Buddhism: The first introduction that con- From among the many Polish contributions, the follow- formed to the requirements of the academic study of religioning should be mentioned: In contrast, the Polish Society forfetishism, shamanism socjolobia, theistic religions i.

This was spear- headed by Professor Norman Habel, the brilliant expositor An early graduate of the Sydney department, Tony of the book of Job and founder of the Earth Bible project.