• June 25, 2019

Mga Aral nang Katipunan ng mga A.N.B.. 1. Ang kabuhayang hindi ginugugol sa isang malaki at banal na kadahilanan ay kahoy na walang lilim, kundi damong. In admiration of Emilio Jacinto’s literary style, Bonifacio would later adopt Jacinto’s Kartilya as the official teachings of the Katipunan. Similar to. The Kartilya ng Katipunan (English: Primer of the Katipunan) served as the guidebook for new members of the organization, which laid out the group’s rules and.

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By using this site, you agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy. That decision marked the triumph of the radicals under the leadership of Bonifacio and Jacinto.

Guard the mandates and aims of the K. In the thorny path of life, the man leads the way and his wife and children follow; If the leader goes the way of evil, so do the followers. Our responsibility to ourselves and the performance of our duties will be the example set for our fellowmen to follow.

Shortcut for search page. The journey to freedom is long and hard. Ritual of the Katipunan Katipunan also adopted some of the features and practices of the Masonry, such as conferring of degrees, secret ceremonies and symbolic names.

Many Katipuneros had died in the battle for the sake of freedom and liberty. They rather surrender to Americans. I wonder if independence was really achieved because until this day, the Spanish styles of killings and tortures is still existing. To do good for personal gain and not for its own sake is not virtue.

Mga Aral nang Katipunan ng mga A. Value of time 8. The custodian of the funds will periodically render an account to the members, and each member has a right to examine the accounts, should he so wish. Bear always in mind that the love of God is also the love of country, and this, too, is love of one’s fellowmen. Accessed on 7 January To a man with a sense of shame, his word is inviolate. A wise man is someone who is careful in all that he says; learn to keep the things that need to be kept secret.


The Spanish is too proud to surrender to what they call idiots and stupid Filipinos. The history tells us who the real heroes are.

Andres Bonifacio’s Decalogue, and the Kartilya ng Katipunan

Shortcut for viewing the content section of the current page. Retrieved from ” https: This certifies it as a stable and referenceable technical standard. The honorable man prefers honor to personal gain; the scoundrel, gain to honor. This site uses cookies. To achieve unity of the Filipinos, propaganda work must be done and this was through massive education and civic trainings of the Katipuneros. Not fight and bear the unbearable… and whoever raised his voice against the government must be silenced… legally…brutally.

The duties to be performed by the members of this association are exceedingly hard, especially if one remembers that there can be no dereliction or wilful evasion of duty without the exaction of a terrible punishment.

KARTILYA the 13 Teachings of Katipunan by Francine Racimo on Prezi

On August 20, at the last series of meetings held in Kangkong, a barrio in Caloocan, Bonifacio and his followers plan and agreed to attack Manila on August 29, The number of Katipuneros has been estimated atin Katipuna and the surrounding provinces.

Statement page that will show the available accessibility keys. It is rational to be charitable and love one’s fellow creature, and to adjust one’s conduct, acts and words to what is in itself reasonable. The prudent man is sparing in words and faithful in keeping secrets. If an applicant merely desires financial support relief or wants to lead a life of bodily comfort and ease, he had better not proceed, for he will encounter weighty tasks, like the protection of the oppressed and the relentless fight against all that is evil.

Defend the oppressed and fight the oppressor. Philippine Center for Masonic Studies. The first edition of the Kartilya was written by Andres BonifacioEmilio Jacinto will later pen a revised Decalogue. Punish any scoundrel and traitor and praise all good work. The Teachings of the Katipunan A life that is not dedicated to a noble and divine cause is like a tree without a shade, if not, a poisonous weed. A deed that is motivated by self-interest or self-pity and done without sincerity lacks nobility.


The life that is not consecrated to a lofty and reasonable purpose is a katipunn without a shade, if not a poisonous weed.

Women also organized themselves into an Auxiliary of the Katipunan including the 29 relatives of the Katipuneros. Primer of the Katipunan served as the guidebook for new members of the organization, kkartilya laid out the group’s rules and principles. There are testable success criteria for each guideline. Novales Revolt Palmero Conspiracy Gomburza.

The call to Arms. Whether our skin be black or white, we are all born equal: Bonifacio has fought for this purpose until the last breath of his life. When these rules of conduct shall be known to all, the longed-for sun of Liberty shall rise brilliant over this most unhappy portion of the globe and its rays shall diffuse everlasting joy among the confederated brethren of the same rays, the lives of those who have gone before, the fatigues and the well-paid sufferings will remain.

He formed the Katipunan, a secret society which was founded at Tondo Manila, kartliya a house on Azcarraga street then numberedon July 7,the same date on which Kqtipunan was decreed to be banished to Dapitan. The price of bravery and principle is high. Robertson, Blair katippunan Robertson. Ang di mo ibig na gawin sa asawa mo, anak at kapatid, ay huag mong gagawin sa asawa, anak, at kapatid ng iba.

To the honorable man, his word is sacred. Organization of the Katipunan The Katipunan has 3 levels of authority: