• June 24, 2019

Kaspar and Other Plays has ratings and 7 reviews. Kaspar, Peter Handke’s first full-length drama – hailed in Europe as the play of the decade and c. ‘Kaspar is based on the historical case of a year-old boy who appeared from nowhere in Nuremberg in and who had to be taught to speak from. Kaspar by the Austrian playwright and one of the “makers of modern drama” ( Robert Gilman), Peter Handke, is a poetic meditation on language, identity.

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Kaspar and Other Plays by Peter Handke. There was nothing on the Wikipedia page about these three plays at all. Farrar, Straus and Giroux, Dec 08, Hulyacln rated it really liked it. This book is not yet featured on Listopia.

He tries with all his strength to produce a single sound using his hands and feet. Nov 27, Sofia rated it liked it Shelves: Handme Kaspar has to develop through the social rather than against it. Anyone who’d be willing to read it. Like Beckett in Waiting for GodotHandke in Kaspar foregrounds his Einsager as the privileged founding and controlling principle that ensure balance and coherence.

KasparPeter Handke’s first full-length drama–hailed in Europe as “the play of the decade” and compared in importance to Waiting for Godot –is the kkaspar of an autistic adolescent who finds himself at a complete existential loss on the stage, with but a single sentence to call his own.

Kaspar and Other Plays

Such ‘possibilities’ may well be deemed impossible at the level of the established reality” There is no room for ontological plurality. Everything I am asked to do I do perfectly In the process of eradicating Kaspar’s sentence, they become more aggressive, grow stronger, more implacable, invading all domains and implanting their own mechanism of inclusion and exclusion.


It embodies more and more the statements on order and locality.

View all 22 comments. They seem to be everywhere and nowhere at the same time. Semiotext e Lists with This Book. Like the Einsager’s handdke, the “intermission text” does not provide words for questions. When the curtain rises the stage is stripped of any unnecessary fictions. The process of Kaspar’s indoctrination is essentially a theatrical one, arranged in sixty-five short scenes which illustrate and develop sixteen “propositions. Handke, like his contemporary Robert Wilson, is here inviting us with his stage directions to quote theatre out of context, to shatter conventional narrative.

Open Preview See a Handle Oct 10, Stian Larsen hadnke it it was amazing. Consequently he will never stand outside, distance himself.

He utters it as a greeting, as an invocation in a litany, as an answer to a question, as an order. He also shows that both subjectivity and its capacities for self- and social determination can no longer be situated within the guarantees of transcendent phenomena or metaphysical essences.

Kaspar’s appearance—a mask with heavy theatrical make-up, a Punch-like, Kasperl figure, with a Commedia-dell-arte-like costume, wide-brimmed handkee, a light-colored shirt with a closed collar, colorful jacket, clumsy shoes—is neutral.

The Im possibilities o And indeed, this “ex-centric” game generates a reaction on the part kaspa the Einsager who undertake to eradicate Kaspar’s “otherness” and disruptive confusion of the mind and body, to silence his de-centering performance of difference and to reduce his text and his “self” to a single homogeneous and universal reading—in accord with the humanist notion of the subject as a free, stable and coherent self.


Via repetition and absurdity Handke throws a clarifying light on concepts of words defining reality. You can explain to yourself how it goes with you.

To put matters differently, Handke foregrounds a series of fundamental questions related to the rules of formation and transformation of discourse. They have no history In Offending oaspar Audience and Self-Accusationone-character “speak-ins,” Handke further explores the relationship between public performance and personal identity, forcing us to reconsider our sense of who we are and what we know.

Kaspar | play by Handke |

Reason and science can only be understood as part of a broader historical, political, and social struggle over the relationship between language, subject position, and kasppar. People, according to these artists, work in a linguistic and cultural system which they can never dominate or avoid. This website uses cookies to improve user experience.

The play could also be called speech torture.

In this fabricated universe Kaspar naturally loses access to himself. Hazal Ilbay rated it it was amazing Mar 01, They want to confuse him and bring him to dumbness. Arnie rated it really liked it Nov 10, It does not reproduce relations of dominance and subordination, it rather proclaims their arbitrariness. Thanks for telling us kwspar the problem.

The anarchic design of the opening scene is now gradually producing an image of unity and coherence.