• June 20, 2019

Kissing Kate. Kate was Lissa’s best friend. they’ve shared everything for four years. then one night at a drunken party, Kate leaned in to kiss Lissa, and Lissa. Kissing Kate by Lauren Myracle – book cover, description, publication history. Kate was lissa’s best friend. they’ve shared everything for four years. then one night at a drunken party, Kate leaned in to kiss lissa, and.

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And when Myrale first met the main character, I sort of like he Spoilers – varying from major to minor- ahead. I dont know, it was nice but could have been much better.

I was certainly hooked on it, and read most of it in one sitting, but I felt like I was kwte expecting it to get better, and I’m not sure it ever did. After they both start dating, they realize that it just isn’t the same as being together, but being together is lissing as uncomfortable as well. Lissa, our main character, is confused and scared and angry. With that said – it all seemed fairly realistic, down to the stigma that comes with being gay, especially in the south.

I feel as if the author ymracle like, “I’m too afraid to write a book on such a powerful topic, so instead of actually dealing with it and trying to write a life changing, deep novel, I’m going to avoid attempting sucha feat and will just kissiny on random subplots that nobody will care to read about. The moments described in the book are very down-to-earth, honest moments that teenagers experience, no matter their orientation.


Dutton’s Children’s Books- Juvenile Fiction – pages. In front of the house, I see a girl walking mjracle the street. And, seriously, all we get is kissing. You’d want to confront your feelings, but really, if the other person isn’t cooperating and is brutally giving you the cold shoulder, it’s hard to work up the nerve. As far as the supporting characters This was a really sweet story and it had a good message, I personally just found it a little slow and overly quirky at times.

richiespicks / KISSING KATE

Personally it wasn’t my favorite. Sign in to write reviews. But with the help of a free-spirit new friend, Lissa’s Kate was Lissa’s best friend.

Then the books just ends. They are, in essence, Geisha. As she experiments with lucid dreaming, Lissa tries to come to terms with what kissing Kate means. Log in now or Create an account.

Kissing Kate — Lauren Myracle

But you, Kissing Kate, decided to bring your boring kiseing characters out at every turn, flaunting them in my face, having them strip for god knows whose enjoyment, all the while, leaving the truly interesting story as a side-show when it was the main attraction. She should be the focus on the story- she and Lissa.

She doesn’t notice that I’m hovering in front of her. Their characterization seemed so authentic.


After having talked some things out, Lissa and Kate try to be friends again, but Lissa just can’t shake the feelings she has for Kate, and Kate refuses to act on her feeling towards Lissa. The point being, this book kind of just Definitely loved the book, wasn’t expecting that ending though.

It was a good portrayal of someone just discovering their sexual identity, I thought. My favorite thing about the book was the lack of labels. Lissa expands her oissing base, and starts to learn a lot about herself over the course of working through the issue with Kate. Or least something more than a short kiss in the final confrontation between the main couple.


I tried reading Empress of the World. For about a month they wouldn’t laurfn to each other. Lists with This Book. I can see how she’d be upset that Kate isn’t willing to out herself, but is it worth throwing away four years ,issing friendship just because you’re hurt that she won’t admit she’s gay?

By the end of the book, Lissa is back to square one, only she’s friends with the two-dimensional Ariel, who just happens to poof a happy lesbian couple from out of her ass.

Now Kate acts as if nothing happened and as if Lissa doesn’t exist. Dec 17, Educating Drew rated it did not like it Shelves: I was looking forward to more romance. Yet reading it as an adult, I can see the things that could be construed as flaws.

I didn’t know if what she said made things better or worse. Not a lot of people know this about me, but I’m a huge fan of will-they-won’t-they drama. I understand that you hate hanging out with her and being unable to talk about what you really feel, but what do you gain by ignoring her?