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This account of the conflict comes from Knytlinga Saga: The History of the Kings of Denmark, an anonymous chronicle that may have been. (The Saga of the Knýtlingar, i. e. descendents of Knútr). probably late s. Iceland. Old Norse. An Icelandic compilation about Danish kings. The author cannot. Knytlinga Saga has 2 ratings and 0 reviews: Published by Odense University Press (Denmark), pages, Hardcover.

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The Wends had a huge army there, both ashore and aboard ship, but before the Wendish fleet expected it the bishop rowed out towards them shouting the war-cry, at which all the ships there turned tail not daring to fight him.

Knytlinga Saga: History Of The Kings Of Denmark by Hermann Pálsson

A great battle had to knytlingz fought there before he was able to win Mildinborg, with slaughter on such a scale that men walked across the River Milden on human bodies without wetting their feet.

After that they meant to go back home, but the following night the Rugeners came looking for them at Masnespeople who inhabit a place in Sagw called Rugena large and powerful province. He was then only a few years old.

Immediately after his death Queen Emma, his widow, prepared for a journey overseas, meaning to sail west to France and visit her brothers William and Robert, who were earls there.

Knut thrust forward his shield right over the neck kjytlinga his horse and the stroke landed on the shield just below the handgrip with such force that it sliced right through the shield, and the horse too, as deep as the shoulder.

Then they broke ranks and ran, though some of them caught a glimpse of the king riding away from the Danes. The whole English army was routed and a terrible slaughter followed, with the Danes pursuing the fleeing troops until nightfall, as Ottar the Black tells:. Then the Danes took their ships and goods and brought them home, having won a great victory.


When the Rugeners learnt that King Valdimar had arrived in Gronsund with the intention of attacking them, they went to meet him and surrendered themselves yet again into his power, after which King Valdimar returned home. But then they saw King Valdimar saag up with some of his troops and raced off once again as fast as they could so that the Danes were unable to cause them any damage.

The saga has this reversed seemingly although the split is correct below]. Wealthy, warm-hearted, unblemished the warrior, mighty in memory and matters of the mind: At an early age he appeared both handsome and talented.

The Wends of Knýtlinga Saga

More fighting in England The noble marriage-knot, was nourished, I know, when king and earl entered upon warlike action: Burizlav had knytliga his town, however, by having supplies carried into it while the discussions with the Danes were taking place. He was born seven days after the death of his father the holy Lord Knut.

When he heard that kIng Eirik had gone abroad, he gathered a large army from his empire and led it into Kyntlinga where he plundered the province long ruled by the Kings of Denmark. These things took place nine years after the death of King Eirik the Wise and one year after the killing of King Knut Magnusson.

Peace will suit you better than war. There was a powerful man called Edric Strjona who accepted a bribe from King Knut to betray and murder King Edmund, and that is how the king met his death, though Edric was his foster-father and trusted by Edmund as he trusted his own self.

Knut’s Invasion of England in , according to the Knytlinga Saga » De Re Militari

Knut the Great — great warrior but a bit one dimensional. As Earl Ulf could see, it was a fine, well-furnished farmhouse. After that the king went to burn inland, and spent the night setting fire to everything, after which, in the morning, he went back to the ships. Sava you say Caminho Pomerano in Portuguese?


Knut’s Invasion of England in 1015-16, according to the Knytlinga Saga

Her previous marriage had been to King Eirik the Victorious of Sweden. He plundered widely both to the east in the Baltic and south in Saxony.

So he knytlingaa the East Wends to go plundering in Denmark. For ages were the English eaten up with hatred of the raven-feeders who foraged with their, fleet: We still feed the English to the ospreys ssga Odin; the singer dresses swiftly in his hammered steel shirt.

Again, envoys went between King Valdimar and Duke Heinrek arranging that stye should meet at Grozvin: He was a strong ruler, and punished severely all those with whom he thought he had a score to settle: For ages the English were eaten up with hatred of the raven-feeders who foraged with their, fleet: Then the king went to Strele to consult with his troops, and gave the title of king to his son Knut, who was then a year old, with the approval of Bishop Absalon and other leaders.

The Wends soon began to suffer heavy casualties, six thousand of them being killed by the Danes while the others either ran or, in many cases, were taken prisoner and brought down to the ships.

King Magnus learned of this and in the following spring sailed for Denmark with a great army.