• July 21, 2019

Lahasil novel by Umaira Ahmed is a very famous social romantic Urdu – Hasil published in monthly Digest. Umaira Ahmed is very famous writer who. Urdu Novel: Lahasil by Umera Ahmed – Kindle edition by Umera Ahmed, Lubna Ikhlaq, Muhammad Farrukh Mahmood, Hasan Umar. Download it once and read . Documents Similar To La Hasil by Umera Ahmed. Darbar e Dil Umaira Ahmad Urdu Novels Center (). Uploaded by.

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Dec 15, Abubakar Kamil rated it it was amazing. They force you to think on issues you never have before and change the way of your thinking and analyzing life.

Books by Umera Ahmed. Khadija Noor, her transformation, her pain, her struggles, her joys and smiles, but most of all; the hurdles in her life which were created most often by humans eager to punish and never ready to forgive.

This book made me clean some dust off my soul. Unique combination of love and religion values. She b Umera Ahmed is one of the most widely-read and popular Urdu fiction novelist and screenplay writer of this era.

For the first time in a along time I finished a book in a matter of days, I definitely could have finished it in a matter of hours but I wanted to cling on to every single word. Loved every bit of it!


لا حاصل (La Hasil)

Published by Ilm-o-Irfan first published September Unselfish love, guilt, forgiveness, and belief the central revolving argument of the story! Aug 09, Nazish Islam rated it it was amazing.

Amazingly done by Umera Ahmed. Please Check Your Email. Get Yourself a Copy She lost everything once and got everything at last.

A Symbol of Love, patience, tolerance, faith, selflessness, piousness and a true follower of Islam.

La Hasil Novel By Umaira Ahmed

Jun 28, Ekrah Afridi rated it it was ok. Feb 10, Aiesha Aq rated it it was ok. The novel is about the hypocrites who claim to be a sacha musalman but when time comes they even don’t show the humanity.

Mama jan and mariam are the paradoxical image of each other. Aug 24, Zille Huma rated it really liked it.

Read La-Hasil Novel Online

I dove into the sea of characters and mesmerizing storyline that Umera is great at depicting to her readers. Hasil by Umera Ahmed 2 Lahasl free hasilhasilhasil by umera ahmedhasil by umera ahmed free onlinehasil freehasil novel in good printingread free hasil by umera ahmed. La Hasil is again Umera Ahmed’s beautiful work. These topics could be more beautifully taken up.

Kitab Dost: La Hasil novel by Umera Ahmed Online Reading

La Hasil – It isn’t just a story, its a journey, a pack of emotions which stir up one’s soul and gives one too much think on.


Hasil by Umera Ahmed is great novel basis on religion most priciley.

My wife recommends me this novel so I had to read it. Jan 01, Noha rated it it was amazing. The writer has also achieved lux award.

Same was the case with this one! It feels unbelievable that the same author who penned down beauties like peerekamil and amerbel writes lahasil,hasil,IUM etc etc. Theres soooo much to learn from it, for me. It was exceptionally brilliant.

Umea described very nicely the situation of a person who was disappointed by the mishaps of life and the end he decided to change the religion for peace but then a girl comes into his life and changes his view she said she was a Christian but actually who was she and how she become his guide. Apr 20, Mohammad Farhan rated it it was amazing. The characters are incredible.