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“A moving act of absolution This strong novel about a girl who is debased but never destroyed pushes the reader to a new level of understanding of the. Lovely Green Eyes by Arnost Lustig. Fifteen-year-old Hanka Kaudersová has ginger hair and clear, green eyes. When her famil. Rebecca Newman reviews Lovely Green Eyes by Arnost Lustig and War Story by Gwen Edelman.

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I had a hard time recognizing who was telling the story.

However when you are reading it, it reads pretty much like a memoir. After Skinny is in the camp for just a few days, an officer requests time with the youngest prostitute in the brothel.

In the morning the guards exercised in the snow without shirts, just in trousers. Lists of names dissect the passages, generally 12 men’s names, the names we are to assume were Lovely Green Eyes’ quota for the day. I loved the fact that this was a fictional story based on the author’s real experience but it could have been written differently. Unlike her parents, she was not deported to Auschwitz. Return to Book Page. The first officer, Captain Hentschel, is kind to her and makes conversation.

Faced with a choice of working in a brothel or being executed, Hanka – or Skinny as she becomes known – chooses to live. Just finished this very powerful thought-provoking novel.

Learning to speak again – Telegraph

But what he saw the following morning was beyond anything he had seen before – it was arnosr image worthy of a great poet, horrible and beautiful, because exceptional The SS maintenance staff were extending the gym by breaking down the wall between what had been the cowshed and the stables.


In Grsen words, too, there is a sense of catharsis, of expiation. We become acquainted with a few officers who frequent her frozen cubicle, but we know little about the more common enlisted men who fill her days.

Also the Author was a survivor themselves. She is the girl with whom he fell in love when she was only 16 years old, having survived the horrors of the Nazi occupation and returned to Prague. Open Preview See eeys Problem?

Hanka doesn’t easily relinquish personal thoughts or feelings, rather, she continues on, protecting her true self, like she did in the camps and in the brothel.

I will have to keep my eye out for it. He worked as a journalist in Israel at the time of its War of Independence where he met his future wife, who at the time was a volunteer with the Haganah.


He arnos blinked an eyelid when the Gestapo chief at Auschwitz-Birkenau informed him of the number of transports they processed there day and night, or of the burning of the bodies luztig their own fat, even though that required using precious petrol. Crows were flying across the same night sky. I understand that it was supposed to be narrated by someone who loves Skinny, but The story is overwhelming. The book revolves around the psychological stuff the girl passes through; the kinds of German officers who are there for their pleasures, and their treatment of the girls; sometimes the officers’ good sides; the ethics and morals of the Germans according to themselves.

Lovely Green Eyes: A Novel Summary & Study Guide

Her juxtaposition — several times throughout eye book — of the animals with the soldiers is in striking contrast with her own more humane struggles and meager existence. It seemed to me the perspective changed without warning and I had to go back just to make sure I hadn’t skipped something important. This was after she had watched as her father threw h It’s difficult to say you “like” a book when it’s set during one of the darkest times in world history.


The novel was static and rather boring, despite the subject matter. This one’s a recommended readto understand and know yet another side of the Lovsly and the Second World War. He has a hatred of Jews that prevents him from talking about almost anything else, and takes pleasure in hunting people mercilessly. It is to Germany’s credit that they have completely overturned this past and created a beacon of liberalism, despite the creeping resurgence of far right groups.

Lovely Green Eyes

This devastatingly beautiful novel soars beyond the nightmare to leave the reader with a transcendent sense of hope. Hanka’s youth, confusion and guilt is all too real as she keeps asking herself if she made the right decision.

Faced with the choice of certain death in the camp or working in a German military broth She has hair of ginger and lovely green eyes, and she has just been transported with her family from Terezin to Auschwitz. Biblibio — I had no idea, but looking at it now of course I see. Jun 20, Samantha McLaughlin rated it liked it. The Judges David Baddiel: The first person narrator was NEVER revealed, and that lack of knowledge, in addition to the pace and characterization, made me dislike the novel.

Part 1 Chapter 4. A Novel by Arnost Lustig.